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Daoloth, also The Render of Veils or The Parter of Veils, is an Outer God who features in the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.

Description Edit

Even amongst his own kind Daoloth has a bizarre appearance, seeming to be an ever-shifting mass of geometric shapes, metallic components and protruding cylinders. An observer may notice eyes staring from the gaps in Daoloth's shape, but not for long; the full sight of this entity would quickly drive any mortal being insane. He is said to inhabit the dimensions beyond those that we know, and both he and his astrologer-priests are capable of seeing how objects extend into the past and future, and even how their existence extends into other realities and dimensions.

Those who wish to do so must summon Daoloth in complete darkness lest his appearance drive the summoner to insanity; in addition, without proper magical containment, Daoloth's strange physical makeup will cause it to grow and grow, potentually forever. Those engulfed by its expansion will be magically transported to the most outlandish and inhospitable of worlds, usually with fatal results. If properly contained after summoning however, one request that can be made of Daoloth is that it bestow the summoner with the power to perceive reality the way it truly is, and not in the way that the limited senses of mortals translate it as. This is a gift which is invariably granted, and which just as often drives its recipient stark raving mad.

All of the above combine to ensure that the worship of Daoloth on Earth is a rare occurrence indeed.

Appearances Edit

  • The Render of the Veils (1964) by Ramsey Campbell.
  • Daoloth also makes an appearance in Fantasy Flights' Arkham Horror boardgame as an exclusive free giveaway opponent.

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