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EXTERMINATE! The Daleks are a fictional extraterrestrial race from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. They originated from a humanoid race known as the Kaleds, which suffered prolonged exposure to radiation following a thousand-year war with their neighbours the Thals, devastating their homeworld of Skaro. Many Kaleds began mutating due to this exposure, and the Kaled scientist Davros experimented with the mutants and determined the final form they would eventually take. The end result was a highly intelligent yet diminuitive and grotesque creature, incapable of surviving on its own. Davros then built special machines for the mutants: pepperpot-shaped, armoured robotic shells that would sustain the mutants and allow them to travel. And thus, the Daleks were born.

The Daleks are cold, ruthless beings that have had their emotions removed, save one: hatred. They are completely xenophobic, believing that they are the superior beings and that all other life-forms are inherently wrong and undeserving to exist. Over the centuries, the Daleks have attacked and conquered many planets, exterminating entire populations and enslaving others only to kill them as soon as they are no longer needed. Their ultimate goal is to conquer the universe and destroy all non-Dalek life, and they possess the intelligence and power to do so. Their plans for domination have been constantly thwarted by the Doctor and recent Doctor Who media has established that the Dalek race was virtually wiped out during a Time War against the Doctor's race, the Time Lords. However, the Daleks are masters of survival and have managed to bring themselves back from the brink by tampering with their own history. They remain a constant threat to all of creation, with only the Doctor standing between them and victory.


The Dalek mutant is small and hideous. It appears as a mound of putrid, pulsating flesh with a large, sagging
True Dalek Form
brain and several tentacles. It has a single eye, but looks like it should have another one.

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