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Dalaketnon were the bad engkantoDalaketnons appeared as tall and handsome males and beautiful females. They dress in fashionable manner, live in mansions and try to fit in with mortal people. Some believe that the only way to Dalaket, their dwelling place, is by entering the Dalaket trees. These creatures abduct people and take them to their world. They hold a feast for their victims and force them to eat the Black Rice that put them under their spell making them their slaves.

Dalaketnons were known to be rather beautiful elitists. They have a bit of a coño, a kind of telekinesis as well as corporeal duplication—meaning they could generate tangible, living copies of themselves indefinitely, and their hairs and eyes turn white whenever they power manifests.

The Dalaketnons were have a normal contact with human but the human didn't know that they were engkanto. Old folks believed that Dalaketnons can change an ordinary human into creatures like them. They uses a magical black rice to change their victims into a Dalaketnon. It was also believed that they were the mortal enemies of the good engkanto. They were from the royal blood of bad engkantos that served as their ruler.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Shape-Shifting Abilities- they can turn themselves into any form like humans.
  • Telekinesis- they can move objects with their mind.
  • Duplicating Abilities- they could generate tangible copies of themselves.
  • Black Magic- of course this engkantos generate magic using spells and rituals.

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