A photo of a daeva

Daevas are special type of demons. They are savage, animalistic creatures that can travel through shadows and rip human beings apart but they cannot manifest without shadows. They are totally invisible to the human eye except for their shadows, which are humanoid. Daevas rank low in the hierarchy of Hell. They are compared to "demonic pitbulls," being used by other demons as invisible killers. However, it appears that demons (at least black-eyed demons) must first bind daevas using special spells, let the daevas attack them instead.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Teleportation - Daevas can teleport through shadows whenever they want.
  • Flight - Daveas are capable of flight or at least levitation.
  • Superhuman strength - They have superhuman strength sufficient to literally tear a human apart.

Weaknessess Edit

  • Extreme light - Extreme light, which banishes daevas for as long as the light is present, by eliminating their shadows.
  • A spell - A spell can bind daevas to the caster's will.

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