Daemons in Warhammer are demonic creatures, belonging to the immaterial realm and are among the most dangerous creatures to mages or psykers, depending on whether they are used for Warhammer or Warhammer 40k. In either world, daemons are demonic entities that follow one of the four chaos gods. Below is a list of the types of daemons and their respective god.

Daemons of Khorne

Daemons of Khorne are ruthless killers who will try to outdo each other in

A bloodletter of Khorne.

their acts of cruelty to an opponent. Daemons of Khorne include:
  • Bloodletters - Bloodletters are horned demons with red skin and a large, flaming hellblade who smell of blood, presumably from the untold billions they kill. They are Khorne's foot soldiers, and can teleport towards their foes.
  • Bloodthirsters - Bloodthirster are one of the most dangerous types of daemons in the universe. They resemble the stereotypical demon of Judeo-Christian beliefs. with their look. A single bloodthirster will have a human body with cloven hooves, bat-like wings and either a canine or human head, with horns. They are armed with a whip and a massive two-headed battleaxe, both of which are put to good use against there enemies.
  • Flesh Hounds - Flesh hounds are wolf-like pets of Khorne, who's jaws can rip through metal easily. The collar these beasts where makes them immune to magic, as Khorne hates it when his followers are destroyed by those who use magic, who he views as cowards
  • Juggernauts - Juggernauts are massive metal beasts used as steeds by Khorne's followers. Their blood is actually liquid fire.

Daemons of Nurgle

Daemons of Nurgle are disease-ridden beasts who work to spread disease throughout the universe. These daemons are usually disease ridden creatures that resemble bloated corpses. Daemons of Nurgle include:

A plaguebearer of Nurgle.

  • Plaguebearers - Plaguebearers are one-eyed, horned daemons created by the disease Nurgle's Rot. They serve as his foot soldiers, ensuring that many die to test the Lord of Decay's new poisons.
  • Nurglings - Nurglings are 1 foot-tall 'mini-Nurgles' found within the armies of Nurgle. Nurglings prefered method of attack is to overrun a single individual and bring him down with the sheer mass of a swarm. As Nurgle doesn't have any daemonic steed for his followers, the Nurglings will do so for them, carrying them into battle on a palanquin on their backs.
  • Great Unclean Ones - Great Unclean Ones are massive, bloated disease carriers that lead the armies of Nurgle. Being basically a massive zombie with an IQ above the average for a human means that not only are great unclean ones hard to kill, but they are also smart enough to use the diseased sword and flail they carry to great effect and create battle strategies that will save the lives of many of Nurgle's "children": his followers and daemons, while destroying many of his enemies. The great unclean ones are avatars of the chaos god Nurgle and are sometimes refered to as such by his followers. Should a great unclean one die, it's body houses many Nurglings that it releases to destroy its foes.
  • Beasts of Nurgle - Beasts of Nurgle are large, playful slug-like creatures with tentacles growing out of their faces. These tentacles are covered in a caustic slime that the beasts secrete. They will generally find a group of soldiers and play with them like a puppy would. When they unwittingly kill their new 'friends', they'll move onto the next group.

Daemons of Tzeentch

Tzeentch's daemons are powerful sorcerors and shapeshifters, rarely having the same form as another of the
Lord of Change

A Lord of Change.

same demon. Daemons of Tzeentch include:
  • Horrors - Tzeentch's Horrors are different to similar daemons from the other three chaos gods for two simple reason. First of all, there are two types of horrors, Pink and Blue Horrors. Pink horrors are created in the same way as other daemons and are much happier than their blue-skinned opposites. Blue horrors are the 'twin children' of a fallen pink horror, created upon its death, and are much more malicious than their larger, pink-skinned relatives. Secondly, they don't fight in close combat as much, prefering to lauch blasts of warp fire at their foes.
  • Lords of Change - Lords of Change lead the armies of Tzeentch. These powerful daemons are tall and both bird and snake-like, with a pair of feathered wings growing from their back, a serpentine neck and avian head. They are also powerful sorcerors and shapeshifters.
  • Flamers - Flamers are tall creatures, though not as tall as the Lords of Change, with gaping maws across their bodies which constantly spew out searing flames, hence their name. Flamers are slightly more powerful than horrors. They usually resemble a blue or red upturned mushroom.
  • Screamers - Screamers are flying creatures which resemble a manta ray. They swoop at their enemies, either tearing them apart with their sharp tusks or emitting an ear peircing scream, then flying away. With a mix of sorcery, metal and one of these creatures, one can create a disc of tzeentch, which will allow them to hover over the battlefield.

Daemons of Slaanesh

Slaanesh's daemons are mostly hermaphrodites, meaning that they are both male and female at the same time,

A daemonette of Slaanesh.

just like Slaanesh himself. Daemons of Slaanesh include:
  • Daemonettes - Daemonettes are the only truly female daemons in Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. They have white, milky skin, sharp teeth and sickle-shaped blades instead of arms. They're beauty is their most dangerous weapon, with some men refusing to fight such a beautiful creature, even when she's tearing apart his friends.
  • Keepers of Secrets - Generals of the daemonic armies of Slaanesh are the Keepers of Secrets. These daemons are hermaphroditic, with a bovine face, a pair of female breasts and two sets of arms; one with human-like hands and one with crab-like claws. A keeper of secrets will generally appear more or less bestial depending on Slaanesh's mood.
  • Fiends of Slaanesh - Fiends of Slaanesh are grotesque insect/reptilian hybrids. They have a pair of claws and a barbed tail which is usually poisonous. The exact form of a fiend is fickle even amongst other daemons, but all have they aforementioned claws and tail, as well as six breasts in a row.
  • Mounts of Slaanesh - The mounts of Slaanesh are lizard-like creatures used as steeds by Slaanesh's followers. A mount is a quick creature who can run for eternity without ever tiring.

Other Daemons

  • Daemon Engines - Daemon engines, such as the Soul Grinders and Hellcannons, are a mix of daemon and machine. Each daemon engine is different, for example, Soul Grinders are giant centaurs who's lower half is a spider-tank known as a defiler and a daemon as the upper half. The daemons used to create the Soul Grinders are no longer allied to their respective god. One should take care not to confuse daemon engines with daemon-possessed vehicles.
  • Furies - Flying daemons that resemble harpies
  • Chaos Spawn - Those who have been abandoned or blessed too much
    Spawn of Tzeentch

    A chaos spawn, one of many types of daemons.

    by the chaos gods will devolve into chaos spawns. These creatures are much more dangerous than the other kinds of daemons, being lost completely to the powers of chaos and going insane, sparing only those who follow the Dark Gods of Chaos.
  • Daemon Princes - Those who can survive the mutating gifts of the chaos gods become Daemon Princes, towering daemonic creatures who are the masters of a particular god's armies. The difference between the main two types of Daemon Princes is subtle, those who have shed their mortal body cannot be killed, but can be banished back to the immaterial realm that their masters call home, while those who haven't fully transformed can be killed, but are immune to anti-daemon weaponry and spells that would banish them to the immaterial realm.
  • Daemonhosts - Those in Warhammer 40k who are used by the Inquisition's daemon hunters (the Ordo Malleus) to stop daemons from inhabiting a follower of chaos, making him more powerful. Those who are possessed are instead a prison for the daemon inside them. Very few save the Radical faction of inquisitors, who believe mankind will only progress to a new age of greatness by using the weapons of Chaos and xenos against their enemies.