The Daedra are powerful, immortal demons from the supernatural realm known as Oblivion in the Elder Scrolls series of games. Daedra vary in look, some being humanoid while others are actual beasts. The daedra are led by the daedric princes, creatures believed to be evil that play a larger part in the lives of mortals than the Nine Divines, the nine gods of the human race known as the Imperials. When a Daedra's physical avatar is destroyed, its soul travels to a location known as the "Waters of Oblivion", from which it later respawns, granting it true immortality. They do not generally enjoy the process, however. There are many different daedra, both humanoid and beast-like, including:

  • Dremora are the most common type of daedra, and are generally the servants of the daedric princes Mehrunes Dagon, Molag Bal and Malacath. They are humanoid and possess a class system.
  • Daedroth are large beasts like a cross between a humanoid and an alligator or a crocodile. They have razor sharp claws and teeth and are protected by tough scales. In combat, they've been known to breath fire at their enemies. The Daedroth serve the Daedric Prince Molag Bal in Coldharbor, but don't have much allegiance and are regarded as being among Oblivion's wild beasts due to their lack of intelligence.
  • Golden Saints, also known as Aureal in their native daedric, appear as golden-skinned elves in golden armor, and serve the daedric prince Sheogorath as the keepers of Mania, one half of his realm, the Shivering Isles. They are said to be Sheogorath's favored soldiers. Their opposites, the Dark Seducers or 'Mazken' in daedric, are the violet-skinned servants of Sheogorath. They safeguard the land of Dementia, the other half of the Shivering Isles and have an ongoing feud with the Golden Saints for Sheogorath's favor.
  • Xivilai are highly-intelligent creatures who serve Mehrunes Dagon and are seen in the planes of Oblivion. Xivilai often appear as blue-skinned humans.
  • Atronach are elemental golems. There are four kinds of Atronach. The flame atronach resemble burning human females, with blackened skin. Frost atronach are larger than flame atronach and are routh-hewn masses of ice. Storm atronach are rocks and boulders held together by magical energy and surrounded by wind and electricity. Flesh atronach are sewn together from skin and muscles, and are adorned with runes carved into their bodies.
  • Spider daedra appear as a kind of spider-centaur, an oversized spider with a female human's head and torso in place of the spider's head. They are associated with the daedric princess Mephala, and are so unruly and irrational that even Mephala's worshippers rarely summon them for fear that they will disobey their orders. They also have the uncanny ability to summon spiderlings, smaller spider daedra that help them in battle.
  • Clannfears are dinosaur-like Daedric beasts that have no allegiance to a specific Daedric Prince, and are considered wild animals by intelligent Daedra.
  • Scamps are small goblin-like creatures which are skittish in nature. They are often associated with the daedric princes Molag Bal, Mephala, Boethiah, Periyte, Namira and Mehrunes Dagon, and are the weakest kind of daedra.

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