Cyst DS2

Cysts are small, immobile Necromorphs that appear in Dead Space 2 and 3. Appearing to be hardened lumps of flesh growing forth from the Corruption, Cysts are nothing less than organic mines. Reacting to any form of movement, they release small organic bombs when approached by any moving object, human or Necromorph. The explosive pustules are spit out and detonate on impact and the Cyst (if it hasn't been destroyed by its own bomb) will then grow a new one within a matter of seconds.

Cysts will grow on the floor, walls or the ceiling and are often planted in dark areas, so great care must be taken to spot them and dispose of them rather than just haphazardly wandering through a Cyst-infested area. Cysts can be destroyed easily using any weapon, but the best method of removing them is to use Stasis on them while approaching them, then using Kinesis to grab the exploding pustules they release then throw them back from a safe distance. This may take more time to do, but saves precious ammunition.

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