The primary headquarters of Cronos is located in Arizona, USA. Hidden within a mesa, this facility was the nerve center of the organisation before X-Day and remained a key center of operations long after. The public have never been made aware of this base and most of Cronos' most sensitive work is conducted here. Aside from Relic's Point, the Arizona HQ is the only other Cronos base in the world capable of directly analyzing and researching the technology of the Ouranus. An ancient Creator ship lies beneath the mesa. Though the ship was heavily damaged by the time it was discovered, it was from this relic that Cronos based most of its Zoanoid development technology.

Two years after X-Day, Cronos HQ was attacked by Agito Makishima and his resistance group Zeus' Thunderbolt. Using the Guyver Gigantic, Agito battled his way down into the base's lowest depths where he fought the Zoalords WaferdanosLi Yentsui and Dr. Barcas himself. Gigantic Dark was able to defeat Yentsui and Waferdanos and planned to steal technology from the fossilized Ouranus ship as well as induct one of the HQ's top researchers into his organisation. Knowing that the base was lost, Dr. Barcas activated the self-destruct sequence in the hopes of destroying the Guyver along with the facility. Agito and his troops were able to escape, however, and the loss of the Arizona base would greatly undermine Cronos' power.