This ferocious unclassified demon or mutant, which appeared in Victor Salva's Jeepers Creepers (2001), feeds on human flesh and is re-born every 23 years and is only awake for 23 days to find human body parts he needs to repair his old or damaged body parts. Once consumed, he regenerates taking on some of the characteristics of that part, such as the eye color of the eyes that were consumed.

About the monster: Edit

Leaving the majority of his victims in an underground sewer behind a church, the vicious Creeper has the terrifying ability to "smell" his potential victims through an extra sensory orifice above his nose that he uses to confirm compatibility in his target with his own DNA, so that he can match the targeted body part. His vehicle of choice is a big unpainted rusted milk truck, which he drives along the countryside. He wears a long, black, leather, full quarter trench coat and a black Stetson hat to cover his features so he can either get slightly closer to his intended victim or to just go about his business largely unnoticed. He exhibits a moderate superhuman strength granting him the ability to preform out of the ordinary feats such as damaging objects normal humans cannot. He also has a slightly more dense and durable armored skin providing him to withstand small arms fire and lower caliber rifles. It is unknown whether he's immune to the pain or just ignores it until a new victim is found to repair that damage. On his exterior back side of his skull, he appears to have an appendage that normally remains closed and wrapped around the base of his head until he needs to unwrap them for an amplified sonic blast when he is over whelmed by attackers and needs to escape or disorient. It is unknown whether the white, shoulder length hair extruding out of the back of his skull his or a by product of a victim he ate because he doesn't seem to have hair anywhere else. He had regular feet and toes in the first movie and then talons in the second which could be assumed that he also consumes animals that match is unique DNA besides human. It is also unknown whether he purposely files down his teeth for easier removal or again, he consumes animals to better his hunting attributes. Seeing as how he has wings also leads you to believe that the Creeper is either a demon let loose ages ago by some novice unable to contain him after calling him, can consume animals to better his hunting or that he's from another world that has 6 appendaged beings.

He seems to have the ability to communicate and interact with humans enough to gain knowledge in the art of taxidermy, driving, mechanics and complex medical procedures to further his cathedral cadaver display, life, concealing and his identity or he just consumes a persons brain and gains the knowledge that way.

Powers: Edit

The Creeper has wings that he can fly to unknown distances, strong enough to carry an unknown amount of weight and the dexterity to be able to fold them and conceal them underneath a long enough coat. They don't seem to have the same durability as the rest of his constitution.

His strength is definitely stronger to that of a regular human but largely unknown how actually strong it really is.

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