The Creatures from the Black act as the main antagonists from the game Kholat.

Appearance Edit

Instances of the creatures appear as smoky, shadowy humanoids, though they frequently will cloak themselves from sight entirely. They often leave behind golden footprints and are sometimes covered in a golden aura. Upon making contact with prey, they reveal themselves to be a bright, gold color.

Lore Edit

Kholat is based on a true event that occurred in Russia's Ural Mountains in 1959 known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. In the occurrence, ten hiking students on a research trip went missing and died. Over the course of four months, nine of the bodies were recovered, along with abandoned supplies and tents, appearing to have been hastily left behind as if the occupants were trying to escape something. Strangely enough, the bodies appeared to be untouched on the outside; however, further research revealed the internals of each victim to have been severely disrupted and injured. It remains a mystery how this happened and is considered a phenomenon. The tenth victim was never found. The creatures in the game are theorized to be the souls of the victims, or perhaps the tenth victim alone, though some have suspected them to simply be demons who inhabit the mountains, themselves being the disturbance that caused the incident and hunted down the hikers.

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