The couatl is a serpentine creature from the roleplay game Dungeons & Dragons. It is regarded as a "native outsider", an outsider that resides on the Material Plane. These magnificent creatures are renowned for their beauty and virtue. Due to their lawful good alignment and their great magical powers, couatls have been worshipped as gods by some mortal societies.

Appearance Edit

A couatl is a serpentine creature with an average body length of 12 feet, weighing in at 1800 pounds. The scales of a couatl can come in an array of vibrant colours and it sports a pair of rainbow-coloured wings that allow it to fly. The average wingspan of a couatl is 15 feet.

Abilities Edit

  • Languages - Couatls speak Common, Draconic and Celestial.
  • Psionics - Couatls can read the minds of others and can communicate via telepathy.
  • Ethereal Jaunt - Couatls can make themselves intangible at will, becoming untouchable.
  • Poison - The couatl's bite can deliver a fatal poison.
  • Immortality - Couatls do not age or succumb to disease, though can be killed by more deliberate means.

Spells Edit

  • Ray of Frost - A magical beam that can freeze foes solid.
  • Obscuring Mist - A magical cloud of mist the couatl uses to shroud itself from enemies.
  • Disrupt Undead - A spell that destroys undead creatures.
  • Scorching Ray - A magical beam of fire that incinerates anything in its path.
  • Silence - The area around the caster becomes utterly devoid of sound, prohibiting conversation and preventing enemies from using spells that require vocal components.
  • Cure - The couatl can heal minor to moderate wounds.

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