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Cooper White McCaldous is an animated Muppet monster character who appears in Kinect Sesame Street TV. He acts as the host of the interactive episodes, prompting the player to find various objects throughout the episode. He also has the ability to change the shirt he wears depending on the color of the player's.

He is created using motion capture technology.[1]


For a gallery of Cooper White McCaldous, see Cooper White McCaldous (Sesame Street)/Gallery.


  • Cooper is the only AM Monster that has middle and last names included after the first name.

Names in other LanguagesEdit

Cooper has first, middle and last names that starts with Mc at the last name called "McCaldous" and "White" as his middle name. The other languages of his name are available but only White is translated to other languages and Japan is the only language his first and middle is trnaslated:

Language Name Meaning
Cooper White McCaldous
EnglishCooper White McCaldousCooper White McCaldous
SpanishCooper Blanco McCaldousCooper White McCaldous
FrenchCooper Blanc McCaldousCooper White McCaldous
GermanCooper Weiß McCaldousCooper White McCaldous
GreekCooper Λευκό McCaldousCooper White McCaldous
ItalianCooper Bianco McCaldousCooper White McCaldous


  1. ITN News: Sesame Street to launch ground-breaking Xbox Kinect game. December 23, 2011.

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