Colmillos (meaning "Fangs" in Spanish) is a creature that appears in Resident Evil 4. They are wolves that have been infected with Las Plagas by the Los Illuminados cult, turning them into obedient guard dogs. The Plaga parasites enhance the strength of the wolves and make them all the more ferocious. When agitated, the tentacles of the parasite will erupt from the Colmillos' back, extending to strike nearby prey. Aside from the tentacles, Colmillos still behave much like regular wolves, attacking prey by pouncing on them and biting/mauling them.

Only a few Colmillos appear in Resident Evil 4. Leon Kennedy first encounters a pack of these creatures along with several Ganados outside the Illuminados church just before he finds Ashley Graham. He later faces several more of the beasts in Salazar Castle's garden maze. Colmillos are easier to kill than most other Plaga-hosting creatures and can be dispatched with 4 - 5 handgun rounds or a single shotgun round. Colmillos with exposed Plaga tendrils are also suseptible to flash grenades.

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