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The Cockatrice is a creature that mostly inhabits the Mediterranean.

It is sometimes known to have the head of a rooster and a body of a dragon.[1] It has a poisonous breath that is fatal to any one who breaths it in. Also said to have powers similar to basilisk's stone gaze, but needs to wound victim first.

The basilisk and Cockatrice are known to be mixed up, and if the two monsters were to encounter, and this can turn into a catastrophic battle.


Cockatrices are usually born when a chicken lays an egg, but the egg is nurtured by a frog. It is also known to be hatched from another Cockatrice.


Cockatrices eat anything but frogs and toads, not because of the taste, but they see them as a "uncle" to their eggs.

Lifespan and behaviorEdit

Cockatrices can't die of natural cause, so they only die if they are slain or killed by something else. Cockatrices are usually calm, and can actually befriend a human. Their stone turning breath forms inside a fleshy pouch like a frigate, it's pouch puffs up, and can be made into a huge roar that causes usually temporary blindness (but won't hesitate to make it permanent) or make it into its famous stone turning breath.


The game, Dragons Dogma has a accurate model and powers of the Cockatrice.

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