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Coatlicue, also known as the Serpent Skirted One, is a Great Old One from the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.

Description Edit

Not much is known about the deity known as Coatlicue, former mate of the Snake God Yig. An enormous creature, she is said to be humanoid in form with a reptilian nature, her head is actually a pair of serpents which face each other, and she wears a skirt created from living snakes, hence her epithet. 

History Edit

In the days that Coatlicue spent with Yig, the pair ruled the crimson cavern of Yoth beneath the subterranean land of K'n-yan where they were venerated by the Serpent Men. This arrangement came to an end when the Serpent Men abandoned Yig to instead worship Tsathoggua. The ancient Aztec civilisation, and later Mexican Indians, also worshiped Coatlicue, and the Aztecs created a great statue in her honour which now resides in Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology. 

Appearances Edit

  • Rising with Surtsey (1971), by Brian Lumley.
  • The Feaster from the Stars (1977), by E.P. Berglund. 

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