"Clover", also known as "The Cloverfield Monster", is an enormous monster of unknown origins which terrorized and destroyed much of New York City between May 22nd and May 23rd.


Clover appears to be about 350 feet tall and has two large legs and two long, slender arms the monster can use to walk on. It has a small, rat-like head with two large, black eyes, powerful jaws and dark grey skin.

The Cloverfield IncidentEdit

The monster was hibernating deep in the Atlantic Ocean and was awoken by an oil rig. In a fit of rage and confusion, the creature destroyed the oil rig and headed for Manhattan, where it bit the head of the Statue of Liberty and threw it into the city. The military arrived and tried to fight the monster, but the creature seemed impervious to their weapons. The monster continued to rampage through the city as the inhabitants of New York City were evacuated. After several unsuccessful attempts at killing the creature, the US government approved execution of the Hammer-Down Protocol, which destroyed Manhattan and presumably killed the monster.


The Parasites, also known as HSP (Human Scale Parasites), are roughly the size of dogs and have ten spider-like legs, dark grey skin and very large jaws. They live on Clover in a parasitic relationship, but can jump down if frightened. They are very fast and can climb on walls and ceilings, and have an extremely venomous bite. When bitten by a Parasite, the victim only has 30-40 minutes to live. The victim will start breathing heavily and vomiting. Then, the victim starts bleeding from the eyes and nose before the central cavity explodes outwards and the victim dies.

What happened to the Parasites after the Cloverfield Incident remains unknown, though it is likely that most or all of them were killed due to the Hammer-Down Protocol.



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