Clockwerk from front, in cinematics


Clockwerk in the cinematics

Clockwerk is the main antogonist of the video games Sly 1 and Sly 2


Clockwerk is (was) a gigantic owl who had a goal to destroy the family of  the best thieves in time, the Coopers. When he understood his lifetime wasn't long enough to erase Coopers from timeline, he replaced his body parts with soulless machinery. Ultimately, it worked, and Clockwerk was born.

In GameEdit

In the first game, Clockwerk was the leader of a gang called "Fiendish Five" . Their goal was to destroy the Coopers ancient book and show the world that they were nothing without it, and Clockwerk was the best thieve in the world. However he was ultimately defeated by Sly himself, and molt in Krack-Karov volcano.

Clockwerk makes a return in the second game. It is said that "He stored all hatred of him to Coopers in a chip, and that's how he stayed alive." Since Sly didn't destroy the hate chip, the parts weren't permanently destroyed, and were recovered by the Klaww Gang.

When the steel bird was complete, the gang's mastermind Arpeggio -a bird couldn't fly-  wanted it for his use, so that he could enjoy flying. However his assistant Neyla, who has already backstabbed the Interpol, Sly and his partner has now backstabbed Arpeggio and merged herself with the machinery. Later on, Clock-La was born. Clock-La was destroyed by Sly again, and the hate chip was gone for good so the parts started rusting and dissolving in no time.

There's an easter egg about him in the 4th game, underneath the Dragon Claw Statue treasure it is written with scratches, "ClockWerk was here".

Clockwerk as seen in the boss battle of 1st game


Clockwerk's parts dissolving, in cinematic


Clock-La, as seen in the final boss of 2nd game


It has very common machine-beast abilities

  • Projectiles are the very common things, although theyre so strong and can be destroyed easily
  • Missiles are tougher and deal more damage, and need more damage to be destroyed
  • Death Beam is a mega powerful attack shot from the eyes. It is unblockable, only way to avoid is deal serious damage while charging up.
  • Electricity Rings are like homing missiles that can be disabled. They cannot be destroyed and deal average damage. They can be tricky as a second shot would open it back up again.

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