Chupa - Blade II

Chupa is a supporting character from the action-horror film Blade II. He is a vampire and a member of the elite vampire commando team known as the Bloodpack.

History Edit

Chupa was selected by Eli Damaskinos as a member of the Bloodpack, a team of vampire commandos who would be trained to hunt the mortal enemy of the Vampire Nation: the Daywalker known as Blade. However, when Chupa and the Bloodpack first met Blade, they were to work together to fight an even greater threat in the form of Jared Nomak and the Reapers, a mutant vampire offshoot that fed on vampires as well as humans. During the time that the Bloodpack spent working with Blade, Chupa developed a strong disdain for Blade and especially for his accomplice Abraham Whistler. This hatred toward Whistler would reach a head after the death of Bloodpack member Priest.

When Blade led the Bloodpack into the sewers of Prague in search of the Reapers' den, the group was divided into three units with Chupa joining Whistler and Dieter Reinhardt. Chupa decided to use this opportunity to torment and eventually kill Whistler and Reinhardt left them to it. Before Chupa could kill him, however, Whistler made use of a spray device containing Reaper pheromones, planting it in a corner and letting it spray continuously as Chupa beat on him. By the time Chupa had noticed the pheromone spray, a pack of Reapers had been drawn to it and they attacked Chupa, overwhelming him and allowing Whistler a moment to escape. Chupa was most likely fed upon by the Reapers and may have turned into one had Blade not activated a UV bomb that destroyed every Reaper within the sewer tunnels.

Abilities and weaknesses Edit

Chupa possesses all the same strengths common among vampires: superior strength, agility, reflexes and stamina as well as accelerated healing and stunted ageing. He also shares all the same weaknesses: allergies to garlic and silver, fatal intolerance for sunlight and needs to feed on human blood to survive.

Weapons Edit

Chupa's weapon of choice was a submachine gun loaded with silver hollow-point ammunition.

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