MMPR Chunky Chicken

The Chunky Chicken is a monster that appears in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Appearing in the episode "Big Sisters", this giant chicken was created by Finster to carry out Rita Repulsa's plan of seizing the legendary Power Eggs. The chest containing the Power Eggs could only be opened by a child, so the Chunky Chicken abducted a little girl called Maria whom the female Power Rangers Kimberly and Trini were babysitting.

Though the Chunky Chicken obtains the Power Eggs, the Power Rangers take them back before they can be delivered to Rita. The Rangers then battle the Chunky Chicken using the Megazord and destroy the monster with a slash from the Power Sword.

Weapons and abilities Edit

The Chunky Chicken fought using a giant pair of shears. These shears were capable of cutting through the fabric of space, allowing the Chicken to warp from one place to another instantly.

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