Choromon is a Machine-type Newborn Digimon. Almost resembling a computer mouse, this tiny Digimon has a gunmetal-grey body and a tail resembling a wire. It also has two tiny red eyes and a pair of jagged antennae. The appearance of it moving around restlessly seems very cute, but because it is carrying nothing but a simple program that moves in reaction to bright lights, if its surroundings go dark it becomes completely unable to move. The reason why is not understood, but when it is in a good mood, it discharges electricity from the tip of its tail.

Abilities Edit

As a Newborn, Choromon is incapable of battle. It has one move, Jamming Powder, which releases a small cloud of iron grains to disorient foes long enough for Choromon to run away.

Digivolution Edit

Choromon hatches from a metallic-grey DigiEgg and can digivolve into one of the following forms.

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