Chocolat is a character who appeared in Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.

Description Edit

A humanoid being, Chocolat is completely hairless and possesses sharp claws of a pale purple hue. Her most distinctive feature, however is her skin; the colour of granite, it is of a strange texture reminiscent of pebbles, or perhaps stony scales, and covers all of the visible parts of her body with the exception of her hands.

History Edit

After the Turin authorities uncovered a clutch of five enormous eggs bundled in a nest of priests clothing, an amazing story began. When the discovery was taken in for examination, three of the eggs hatched, revealing three perfectly human children. The following night, however, Chocolat came for her young, fighting their kidnappers tooth and claw in what proved to be an epic battle. Just as the conflict looked ready to end in the annihilation of both parties, one of the babes began to recite the Lord's Prayer at the top of it's tiny voice, allowing Chocolat to make her escape with two of the children. 

Chocolat eventually made her way to Midian and found a place amongst the Tribes of the Moon, but what became of the two unhatched eggs has never been disclosed. To date, her two "human" offspring have never reached maturity, seemingly set on spending their existence in lifelong infancy. The third child, the reciter who had been left behind, now calls the Vatican it's home.

What happened to Chocolat after the Sons of the Free attacked and destroyed Midian is unknown.    

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