Chocobos are a recurring race of avian creatures in the Final Fantasy franchise. Since their debut in Final Fantasy II, they have appeared in every mainstream title, multiple spin-offs and in titles from other Square-Enix series such as the Mana franchise and Dragon Quest.

Overview Edit

The typical chocobo is a large flightless bird with a curved beak, bright eyes (usually blue) and brilliant yellow feathers. They run across terrain on two chicken-like legs with two forward talons and one back talon on each foot. While chocobos are most commonly yellow, different coloured chocobos do exist across the various Final Fantasy titles. The colour of the chocobo also indicates what kind of abilities it has.

Chocobos are very quick runners, capable of a top landspeed of 20 mph. Many humans use chocobos as riding mounts or beasts of burden, though in most FF worlds a license is required to raise and ride them. A common sight in woodland areas, chocobo can be difficult to capture, but easy to domesticate once having done so.

Chocobos are known to have a distinct musky odour about them that puts people off riding them as the smell tends to rub off on others. Luckily, one of the chocobo's favoured foods - Gysahl Greens - helps to eliminate the creature's pungent scent.

Types of Chocobo Edit

  • Yellow Chocobo - The most common variety of chocobo.
  • Black Chocobo - Another common chocobo type, though not as common as the yellows. These chocobos are more aggressive than other types and are able to fly.
  • Blue Chocobo - Weaker than blacks and unable to fly, though they can cross streams and rivers. In battle, they make effective magic casters.
  • Red Chocobo - One of the most aggressive chocobo types though still quite weak.
  • Green Chocobo - These chocobos make great healers in battle.
  • White Chocobo - Strong chocobos that can aid parties in battle by restoring HP and MP.
  • Gold Chocobo - The rarest and strongest type of chocobo which can only be gained by completing lengthy and difficult sidequests. This chocobo can cross any and all terrain easily.

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