Nina chimera

In Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhoodchimeras are creatures made when two (or occasionally more) living things are fused together with alchemy. When fused with a human, the human side takes over the body. Most chimeras remember their past lives and are unhappy, such as the wife of bio-alchemist Shou Tucker, who killed herself.

Individual Chimeras Edit

Known chimeras that have been created:

  • Mrs. Tucker, part human part unknown chimera
  • Nina Tucker, a human-dog chimera
  • Martel, a snake-human chimera
  • Shou Tucker, bio-alchemist turned chimera; part human, part dog (2003 FMA anime only)
  • Dolcetto, a dog-human chimera
  • Bido, a gecko-human chimera
  • Roa, an ox-human chimera
  • Ulchi, a crocodile-human chimera
  • Darius, a gorilla-human chimera
  • Heinkel, a lion-human chimera
  • Jerso, a toad-human chimera
  • Zampano, a boar-human chimera

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