Type-27, codenamed "The Chariot", is the first boss of the arcade rail-shooter The House of the Dead. This creature is a genetically engineered weapon created by Dr. Roy Curien, assigned to defend his house from intruders.

Overview Edit

The Chariot is a humanoid creature not unlike the zombies that were also created by Dr. Curien. It was created by injecting a human test subject with the zombie formula but was enhanced further by being clad in a suit of metallic armour to protect its decaying body. It also wears a gas mask, though it is unclear if the Chariot needs to breathe.

As well as its armour, the Chariot is also equipped with a bardiche, an ornate axe-styled polearm. When AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G encounter the Chariot, they witness it using its bardiche to attack Rogan's fiancee Sophie. The two agents then open fire on the creature, damaging its armour plating and eventually penetrating its weak flesh, killing it.

Weaknesses Edit

Chariot unarmoured

The Chariot's armour offers little in the way of protection as each armour piece eventually shatters if shot enough times. When its armour suit is destroyed, the Chariot's true form is of a desiccated corpse with thin, green-hued skin covering its bones. A number of fleshy tendrils can be seen protruding from open wounds across its body. Without its armour, the Chariot is almost as weak as a typical zombie and can be hurt when any part of its body is shot.

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