Chaos beasts are nightmarish creatures that appear in Dungeons & Dragons. These horrific monsters have no consistent form or dimensions as they are constantly changing shape, forever gaining and losing different appendages and features. One moment, it could have a dozen tentacles covered in bony spikes surrounding a massive fanged maw, then in the blink of an eye its amorphous mass could form new mouths that inhale its flailing tentacles as its maw melts shut and suddenly opens to reveal a massive eye.

Chaos beasts are unintelligent and do not speak. They are also sluggish and lack coordination, but should they manage to land a hit on an enemy, that creature will be reduced to a blob of amorphous goo which may turn into another chaos beast.

Abilities Edit

  • Corporeal Instability - A touch from a chaos beast will afflict a creature with a horrific and painful transformation. Unless the victim has sufficiently strong fortitude, it will melt into a shapeless mass and then take on the properties of the same creature that killed it.
  • Immunity to Transformation - A chaos beast will constantly alter its shape and there is no spell that can affix a permanent form upon it.

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