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Universe earth
Homeworld underworld
Habitat Hell
Size 17,384
Diet Trespassers
Language Dog
Sapience Level low
Hand Type {{{hand-type}}}
Subspecies 3 headed dog\snake hybrid

Cerberus has many powers and abilities here they are

  • Giant Size: Cerberus is larger then any man, with power to match them
  • Strength: Cerberus has great strength, allowing him to prevent souls from leaving the Underworld.
  • Senses: With a power sense of smell and hearing, no one who tries to escape can get past Cerberus
  • Multiple Heads: Enables him to look in several places at once.
  • Immortality: Shoots out poison that kills instantly.
  • Fire: It has control over fires and each cerberus has a signature color of flame

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