The Centurion is one of the boss creatures from Resident Evil Zero. It is a giant centipede, grown to over 30 feet long due to exposure to the T-virus. There are no records of Umbrella choosing centipedes as B.O.W. test subjects, so it is more likely that this creature was created by accidental infection when Dr. James Marcus scattered the virus in the Umbrella Research Center.


When exploring the Research Center, ex-Marine Billy Coen and rookie S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca Chambers are ambushed by the Centurion. The creature grabs Rebecca in its forelegs and Billy opens fire on the creature, forcing it to drop Rebecca. The Centurion attacked using its front pincers and by scratching its prey with its rows of legs as it scutters by them. Rebecca and Billy are able to kill the creature with shotgun fire and a grenade launcher.