Centaurs are a common type of mutant encountered throughout the Fallout series. These mutants were originally created by the Master for his Super Mutant Army. However, the method of mutation was different. Whereas regular super mutants were created from a single human being introduced to the Forced Evolutionary Virus, centaurs were instead created from a mix of humans and animals, as a sort of chimera. This original strain spread over the former United States's West Coast at roughly the same speed as super mutants, being kept by the larger mutants as "watchdogs." The Master wasn't the only one to create centaurs - the Vault-Tec Corporation kept reserves of FEV in some of their more experimental vaults, such as Vault 87, leading to the creation of mutant creatures, centaurs included, not linked to the Master.


Two-Headed CentaursEdit

Centaur - Two-Head
Two-Headed Centaurs, encountered only on the West Coast, were the more common result of the Master's experiments. Physically, these mutants are roughly the same size as a bear, with a large, misshapen torso and six humanoid arms that serve as legs. A cluster of wriggling fleshy tentacles bloom out from their underside, scrabbling at the ground around them. Branching from their front halves are a pair of long, thick necks, with a canine head on the right and a humanoid one on the left. The canine head has a thick metal collar around its neck, adorned with spikes. The two heads are seemingly aware that they are separate creatures, as the dog head can be seen trying to gnaw on its humanoid opposite.

One-Headed CentaurEdit

Centaur - One-Head
Encountered on both the East and West Coasts of the former United States, this type of centaur retains the humanoid head, though it loses its canine opposite, and the feelers on the back are replaced by three long, tentacle-like tongues. Unlike its two-headed "cousins", this kind of centaur can use its saliva as a weapon, spitting a high-arcing, slow-moving projectile at victims. This projectile also carries lethal doses of radiation and, oddly enough, can ignite lingering gas vapors as well, making these a danger in areas such as years-old vaults where the ventilation systems have failed. In close quarters, it utilizes its long, three-pronged tongue to whip and slash at foes.

In addition, there are two variants of the One-Headed Centaur - the Evolved and Giant Evolved Centaurs. These centaurs have been exposed to great amounts of radiation, leading to an increase in size and muscle mass, and multiple tumorous growths across their backs.


radioactive saliva Edit

One-headed centaurs can spit globs of radioactive saliva at enemies.

radiation immunity Edit

All variants of centaur can live in areas with immense levels of radiation without suffering any ill effects.

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