Caroline Newcliffe

Caroline Newcliffe was a character from the 1974 movie The Beast Must Die.


Caroline was the wife of millionaire big game hunter Tom Newcliffe, who was on the hunt for a werewolf and suspected one of his weekend house guests of being the culprit.


The guests were subjected to odd tests by Tom, with one of them involving placing a silver bullet in their mouths (since silver is deadly to werewolves). Even Caroline is part of this test, being the last to receive her bullet. Caroline then began the transformation into a werewolf, with her right hand covered with hair and her nails becoming long, black claws, much to the horror of the rest of the group. At that moment, however, Caroline sealed her fate when she lunged at Tom, who shot his unfortunate wife to death.

After the event, it was revealed that Caroline had contracted the werewolf disease from her dog, who had been killed by the original werewolf.

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