The Canvey Island Monster is the name given to an odd creature whose dead body washed ashore on Canvey Island in England, November 1953. A second one washed up on the shores in 1954.


The 1953 carcass was described as being 76cm (2.4 feet) long with thick, red colored skinned, and bulging along with a set of gills. It was also said to have two odd, five toed feet with concave arches which seemed ideal for bipedal locomotion, but no forelimbs. It's remains were cremated after a inspection by zoologists. The 1954 was specimen, however, was described as being much larger than the first one, being 120 cm (3.9 feet) and weighing 11.3 kg. It was fairly fresh, and it's eyes and teeth were ready to be studied. The carcass vanished afterwards, with no explanation as to what happened to it.


Some people think that it was simply a dead anglerfish whose dead fins had been mistaken for limbs, while other people have come to the conclusion that they were frogfish, that do have fins that they "walk" with on the ocean floor.

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