Canine Remains are creatures which appear in Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.


Canine Remains, much like the Zombie Chihuahua, are a sad collection of rotten flesh, mangy fur, and yellowed but still razor sharp teeth and claws. They are surprisingly fast considering the dismal condition of their flesh, and get bolder and more deadly as their numbers increase.


Neither the streets nor wildernesses of Malifaux are in short supply of stray or feral dogs. These pathetic, yet dangerous, animals roam both alone and in packs, preying on the unfortunate and unwary, though they are most certainly not at the top of the food chain in this world . . .

Many a fledgling Resurrectionist, lacking human subjects who will not be missed, or fearful of being caught graverobbing, turn to these poor beasts as a means of honing their skills until they have the confidence that their powers are capable of seeing them clear of trouble. Even masters of the Resurrectionist art, such as the powerful Dr. McMourning, make use of Canine Remains, bidding their undead dogs to bring them "spare parts," or simply to destroy their enemies.