Campfire Creature

A still of the Campfire Creature from the original video.

The Campfire Creature, also Camp Fire Creature and also called the Louisiana Swamp Monster, is a humanoid zombie/alien-like creature allegedly caught in a videotape walking on all fours behind the trees where two men were camping. A campfire was seen in the footage, hence the name "Campfire Creature". In the Campfire Creature video on YouTube, the creature is only seen for a short time. Its legs are most notable, although its head and arms are visible if the video is examined closely. It is currently unknown where the footage of the creature was filmed. However, a similar creature appears in an allegedly camera trap photo. This creature is claimed to be the Louisiana Swamp Monster. The camera trap photo is also claimed to be an image of a creature sighted in Berwick, Tennessee that destroyed a hunting camp. There is a story of a similar creature known as the Skinwalker, which is described as having long fingers with claws and is resistant to being hit with a gun.

Appearance Edit

Swamp Monster

The alleged camera trap photo of the Louisiana Swamp Monster.

The Campfire Creature is humanoid and hairless. The first suspect for the creature is a dog or coyote with mange, resulting in the hairless appearance. However, if the video is examined closely, it is notable that there is no tail. The creature's limbs appear to human and extremely slender. In the alleged camera trap photo of the Louisiana Swamp Monster, the whole naked creature is seen. It has a bald human-like head with glowing eyes, as a result of the flash of the camera, and an open mouth with teeth that are notable if the photo is examined closely. The creature seems to have large shoulders that are very broad.

limbs. It can also be noted that the creature has black root-like marks on its body that are most likely blood veins. The creature seems to be male.

Notes Edit

  • There are two photos of the creature allegedly caught by a camera trap. However, they have different dates, indicating that the creature may have been photoshoped into the background. This also means that the creature could be a hoax.
  • Some say that the camera trap photo of the creature was actually taken by the men who taped the
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