Butterball is one of the Cenobites within Pinhead's gash in the Hellraiser franchise. He ranks low within the group, but he is supposedly the most intelligent member.

History Edit

Like all Cenobites, Butterball used to be human. He was once an appalling pervert called Laslo who frequently overate, causing him to become obese. He accomplished very little in life and was resigned to his failure when he discovered the Lament Configuration. After opening the box, he was dragged into a realm of immeasurable suffering and transformed into a Cenobite.

From that moment onward, Butterball accompanied Pinhead and the rest of his gash as they sought out souls to bring to the Labyrinth. He continued to serve Hell for decades until Kirsty Cotton entered the Labyrinth in search of her father. During this time, he and the gash were reminded of their former human lives and attempted to protect Kirsty when she was threatened by the newly-transformed Dr. Channard. Channard threw a spear into Butterball's chest. Upon death, Butterball turned back into his human form.

Appearance Edit

Butterball is a fat Cenobite with distorted skin. He wears the typical black leather garments that all Cenobites wear and also wears sunglasses that hide his eyes, which have been sewn shut. His teeth appear to have been filed sharp and his distended belly bears a visible gash that runs deep.

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