Bulbasaur is a dual-type Pokémon of the Grass and Poison varieties. It appears as a small reptilian creature with an unusual plant bulb growing out of its back. The bulb is filled with nutrients that keeps the Bulbasaur sustained for a lengthy time period, meaning the creature does not need to eat much food. Bulbasaur can also use the seeds in its bulb in battle.

Pokédex Data

Wild Bulbasaur have been known to live in forest areas of the Kanto region, but in modern times they are regularly domesticated from birth by breeders and distributed to new trainers as their starter Pokémon. They are extremely loyal to their trainers, even after long-term abandonment.

As Bulbasaur grows older, the bulb on its back grows larger and will eventually blossom, leading to the Bulbasaur evolving into Ivysaur. When Bulbasaur nears evolution, its bulb will start to glow blue before blooming. There have been occasions where Bulbasaur actively try not to evolve, straining themselves into remaining as they are.

Special Abilities

Below is a list of some of the abilities commonly used by Bulbasaur.

  • Leech Seed - Bulbasaur spits small seeds from its bulb that sprout small vines when they come into contact with other Pokémon, sapping their health.
  • Vine Whip - Bulbasaur releases two long vines and whips enemies with them. They have also been known to use their vines to hold up their young and rock them to sleep.
  • Worry Seed - Inflicts enemy Pokémon with Insomnia, making them restless and unable to sleep.
  • Seed Bomb - Seeds that explode on impact.


Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur at Level 16.