Bui Kichwa

Bui Kichwa - also known as Plaga C - are an augmented variety of Las Plagas encountered in Resident Evil 5. This creature is a fully matured Type-2 Plaga modified to function for extended periods without a host, capable of moving about on its own. Its name is derived from the Swahili words for "big spider" and "head", owed to its spider-like appearance and movements.

Behaviour Edit

The Bui Kichwa is capable of surviving for long periods without taking control of a host organism. During the Kijuju Incident of 2009, BSAA members Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar encountered swarms of these creatures in the ancient ruins of the Ndipaya tribe. They would burrow into the ground and lie in wait for potential victims to approach, emerging when they sensed the vibrations of an uninfected person's footsteps. After emerging from the ground, they would attempt to lunge at their victims, wrapping their six barbed legs around the victim to hinder their movements. The barbs on their legs would cut into the victim's flesh, potentially causing death from bleeding.

Weaknesses Edit

Bui Kichwa are small and weak, making them easy to kill with only minimal firepower or even knives. Like all Plaga types, they can also be killed instantly by the light from a flash grenade which is very useful for killing off a large swarm quickly.

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