Bubbmon is a Newborn Slime-type Digimon. Its form is that of a small blob of bubbling green goo with tiny black eyes. Where its mouth ought to be is a pale yellow bubble that oddly resembles a baby's pacifier. As a Newborn Digimon, Bubbmon is incapable of combat. Its only defence is to produce sticky adhesive bubbles to incapacitate foes. Bubbmon has a much shorter lifespan than most Digimon and will either die or digivolve within a matter of hours or days.

Abilities Edit

Bubbmon's only ability is Sticky Bubble, a move that smothers enemies in a glue-like substance and restricts their movement.

Digivolution Edit

Bubbmon hatches from an un-patterned bright green DigiEgg. It is capable of evolving into one of the following forms.

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