Bryyo Orbit

Bryyo is a planet that features in the video game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This world is highly regarded by the Galactic Federation for its vast deposits of Fuel Gel, a volatile gelatinous fluid that the GF and many other interstellar parties use as starship fuel. Long ago, Bryyo was a peaceful, beautiful world inhabited by a race known as the Reptilicus, who enjoyed a scientific golden age upon achieving space travel and making contact with other races. However, the Reptilicus people became divided by this event and would drive itself to near-extinction following a horrific civil war. The war was won by the Primals, a faction that had denounced their world's scientific advancements in favour of their society's ancient traditions, but their victory turned out to be a hollow one. Bryyo was mostly reduced to an uninhabitable wasteland and over the course of several hundred years the Reptilicus descended into primitive barbarism.

Native creatures