Yuri Brute

Brutes are hulking humanoid creatures that are part of Yuri's infantry forces in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 add-on, Yuri's Revenge. Formerly normal humans, they have been transformed by Yuri's insidious genetic experiments into superhuman killing machines.

Appearance Edit

Brutes are huge muscular figures with hardened grey skin. Covering their eyes is some form of cybernetic visor, most likely devised by Yuri's Psychic Corps as a means of controlling the creatures.

Behaviour Edit

Brutes are extremely tough compared to other infantry units and can withstand a large amount of firepower. When deployed, they stomp across the battlefield and will smash enemy units with their bare fists. They are strong enough to tear apart infantry, tanks and even knock down buildings.

The mutation process of the Brute has left it with minimal intelligence and it is not capable of wielding typical infantry weaponry, due also to the size of its hands and fingers.

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