Brownie cartoon

A cartoon style drawing of a Brownie.

Brownies are tiny creatures not so unrelated to the Fairy. Unlike fairies, the are mischievous and enjoy causing trouble when angered. Brownies, however, are wingless and are unable to fly. For the most part, they are rather helpful, doing chores when the residence of the house is sleeping. They tailor, clean, and can help the sick, and force angry bees back into their hives. Thier other magical powers include shapeshifting and becoming invisible. If you give it clothes it will leave your house, if you anger it, it will become a boggart. The only way to change it back is to either be nice to it or give it honey, Brownies love honey.

Brownies are regularly confused with House Fairies, which also clean, tailor and help around the house while the occupants are sleeping. The difference is that the House Fairy must be summoned at a cross-roads using a specific ritual, where Brownies come and go as they please. House Fairies are dangerous in the extreme, as the only way to keep them from becomming violent towards the owner's home is to offer them a live person once a year. If one is not offered, a suitable candidate may be selected by the fairies themselves.

The graphic novel We Shadows by Sonny Strait features a brownie named Goat who becomes the puck, a powerful warrior.

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