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A sketch of the boogyman

The Boogeyman (also spelled Bogeyman, Bogieman or Boogie Man) is a common, basic monster


The typical Boogeyman legend states that its favorite places to hide are under beds and in closets, particularly in the bedrooms of children who are 'naughty' or have acted in a way to gain disapproval from their parent(s). The Boogeyman is nocturnal, typically only visiting its victims after midnight. According to all accounts, the Boogeyman is malevolent in nature, with its name often used synonymous with something or someone that is frightening. Edit


The Boogeyman is an amorphous being, having no particular shape or form. The appearance of the dark entity may differ from one child to the next, often shaping itself around the child's deepest fears. The being usually appears as a pale humanoid with either red or yellow eyes, sharp teeth and claws. It may, however, appear to some as a mass of tentacles, as a ughout the ages

The most recent version of the boogyman is slenderman, sharing many traits of previous incarnations of the bogyman throughout history and different cultures. The boogeyman may also be linked to the Monster in the Closet and/or the Monster Under the Bed.

How to fight oneEdit

The boogeyman is likely to feed off of people (mostly children) who are full of fear. It may even feed on fear itself. This means a reasonable defense against the boogeyman would be to not be afraid of it. The less scared you are of the boogeyman (or one of it's forms), the less it may want to feed on/off of you. 

The boogeyman is mostly nocturnal, it may even be sensitive to light. Turning on the light or having a light source present can cause it to hide, or change into a less-dangerous shape.

However, the best choice is to obey your parents and behave. In most versions of the tale, the Boogeyman often hunts down children who do not behave, most often ones who do not go to bed when they are told. Like most evil beings, prayer and holy objects may be used to ward one off (though if you are religious enough to utilize this, it is very unlikely it will prey on you).


  • After The Nightmare Before Christmas was reissued in 2006, sightings of the Boogyman increased drastically.
  • A boogeyman is a character who has appeared in a commercial for . The commercial depicts a boogeyman who uses the old "monster under the bed" trick. The kid in bed, rather than getting's Boogeyman

    The boogeyman on the commercial, who gets his job as an RPA accountant.

    scared, beats up the boogeyman with a baseball bat. Then the monster attempts to snoop through a window but gets caught red-handed by the cops, even a dog sniffs him out. Tired of these mishaps, the monster gets himself a new job from as an RPA account


"Boogymen" possibly come from the "bugis," who were pirates from Indonesia and Malaysia. English and French sailors brought the tales home and aclown, or as someone with whom the child associates horrific memories or trauma. Just saying this, I think, is probably not real so don't get scared. It was probably a method used by parents to make you obey them, as the boogeyman only appears when a child is naughty.

Differing versions thro
nglicized it, telling their children "If you're bad, the bugisman will come and get you!". Eventually, bugis got changed to bogey.

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The Boogeyman has traits that are not found in any known animal. It may because the Boogeyman is really by a parasite, which infects humans and releases chemicals causing them to hallucinate and see their fears (this is why only the host sees the Boogeyman and nobody else does.) Chemicals released by the brain in fear are absorbed by and sustain the parasite. This is the most likely explanation. However, this is just a theory, an attempt to explain what cannot be explained.

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