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The Boodum is a legendary monster that stalks his prey, and when the victim is sleeping, bites off the feet of the victim. He is known to be very vicious looking. He has large red eyes, a heavily muscled body, human-like features, gnarly teeth, and no hair. This beast also is commonly mistaken for a werewolf, or Bigfoot.


No one exactly knows who first told the story of the Boodum; we know is that it originated in the Mammoth Mountains of California. People think that it originated over a simple campfire story.

Possible Real Life AccountsEdit

This is a believed account of a Boodum attack:

"I was walking to my home in Salton City, California. I arrived at around 7 PM, it was already dark. I was walking to the front door, when I caught a glimpse of a abnormally large, well, something standing far away, just staring at me. It had large red eyes, that I could clearly see. I ignored and ran inside my house. Now you know how in the desert, there are no lights around? Well, the eyes were so clear! It must have been a mile away, and I could totally see them. So at night, I heard a growl outside, so I went to the window to check, and no one was out there. I went back to sleep, I woke up to hear a lot of rumbling in the kitchen. I went down there, and there was the creature! It was clear now! It was about 8 feet tall! Very strong, and no hair, at all! He had very bright red eyes, and these gross teeth that were sticking out. I screamed and ran to my room, and slammed the door. I was very scared. There was no more noise. I went back into the kitchen and it was gone. Everything was back to normal. I decided not to report it, but it was really scary."

No one knows if this account is real, but it has been reported before to her blog.


It is believed that to prevent yourself from being a victim, avoid desert walks from around 7-10 PM, as that is the time the beast is believed to hunt. Some believe that you baldness to increase the likelihood of attack when you roam the desert.

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