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Boos are ghostly enemies that have appeared in numerous titles in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. These mischievous apparitions are the servants of the king of all ghosts, King Boom Boo.

Appearance Edit

Boos all have white, spherical bodies with a pair of small arms that have clawed fingers. They also have manic-looking eyes with yellow irises on red sclera with dark rings around them. Their mouths are filled with black, dagger-like fangs.

Behaviour Edit

Amy rose possessed

Amy Rose possessed by a Boo

Boos are mischievous and sneaky. In some cases, they can be plainly seen and will advance on a victim menacingly. Other times, they will lurk in the shadows or inside objects, bursting out to frighten a victim when they approach. As shown in the Sonic X anime series, Boos are also capable of possessing people and will manipulate their victims into attacking their friends.

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