MMPR Bones

Bones is a skeletal monster that appeared in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show. He appeared in the episode "High Five" and was the first monster created by Finster during Rita Repulsa's campaign to conquer Earth.

History Edit

Rita sent Bones to Earth as part of a plot to trap the Power Rangers in a time warp, similar to the time warp that Rita had used to trap Zordon long ago. The Rangers fought Bones and smashed his body, but his head survived and was able to warp each of the Rangers into a pocket dimension. Inside the pocket space, Bones unleashes a group of skeletal Putties on the Rangers. The team manage to destroy Bones' body again and Trini, the Yellow Ranger, grabs Bones' head and throws it into a pool of magma, ensuring the monster's destruction.

Abilities Edit

  • Swordsmanship - Bones carries a rapier in battle.
  • Minion Creation - Bones can create his own Putty-like minions called Skeleton Warriors. They are just as feeble as standard Putties, however.
  • Energy Projection - Bones can fire magical blasts from his eye sockets.
  • Reconstruction - Even if Bones' body is smashed, he can pull himself back together. Only destroying his head will finish him.
  • Dimensional Portal - Bones can conjure a portal into a pocket space in order to trap his foes outside of normal space-time.

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