Bommon is a Newborn-level Slime-type Digimon. Its body resembles a bomb; it is little more than a black sphere with two spikes for ears and three eyes, each eye having a different-coloured eyelid. On Bommon's underside is a fuse that is constantly lit. The fuse is longest when Bommon hatches from its DigiEgg and burns away as it grows older. The fuse burns faster when Bommon is angry or scared. No one knows what happens when the fuse burns away completely as Bommon always digivolve just before it runs out.

Abilities Edit

As a Newborn, Bommon is not yet capable of battle. Its only ability is Crack-Crack-Crackle in which its fuse sparks more brightly and makes a loud crackling noise to frighten off predators.

Digivolution Edit

Bommon hatches from a DigiEgg that sports a jungle camouflage pattern. It digivolves into Missimon.

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