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Bokoblin2 SS

A red bokoblin from Skyward Sword.

The Bokoblin is a pig-like monster of the common infantry unit in Ganon's army, alongside Moblins in recent Zelda games, that can be defeated with the most conventional, and almost all forms of, weaponry.

Characteristics and AppearancesEdit

The Wind WakerEdit


Bokoblins are very common in The Wind Waker, the most often seen variant being the blue-skinned, Boko stick-wielding, combat form, though they can wield any weapon with ease. Green Elites can carry shields for extra defense. They are also capable of great feats of strength, being able to wield weapons such as Pikes and Darknut Swords with one arm without any hindrance. The attack power remains the same, however. Unlike Moblins, Bokoblins have more bat-like faces, and come in three different variants:

  • Blue (Ordinary) *Green (Elite) *Pink (Scout)

Bokoblins, in any form, always carry Joy Pendants. They are easily stolen by the Grappling Hook. They are also much more intelligent than their Moblin counterparts. They are scared of bombs and will run away if Link pulls one out. Ironically, Bokoblins cannot swim, even though they frequently appear on rafts and submarines. Sometimes, when walking on a bridge, Bokoblins lose their balance and nearly fall, but manage to hang on on the bridge. When this happens, a single hit of a sword or some other weapon causes the Bokoblin to fall and die. One Bokoblin serves as the first mini-boss of Forsaken Fortress, and it's guarding Link's sword.

Twilight PrincessEdit

Bokoblin Sword

In Twilight Princess, they are just as short, and are much less intelligent. They are more common in the Southern and parts of the Eastern areas of Hyrule Field, and are prominent in Faron Woods at the beginning of the game, but are driven out by Link as he is traversing the Forest Temple. They are more imp-like in appearance than their The Wind Waker counterparts. They are first encountered in their blue-skinned variant, which carries a small stick and is easily felled. Later, they appear in purple variation, and wield swords. Purple Bokoblins are surprisingly resilient, taking very much abuse before death. They share their blue counterpart's mental drawbacks, however. It is possible that the two colors of the Bokoblin could indicate different genders, however this is merely speculation.

Bokoblins in Twilight Princess are not to be confused with Bulblins. They are not completely brainless, as shown in the beginning of Twilight Princess: two can be seen talking with one another in an area of Faron, and somewhere along the forest temple path.

Skyward SwordEdit

"See also: Technoblin and Cursed Bokoblin
Bokoblin3 SS
Bokoblins make a reappearance in Skyward Sword. They are said to be demons who served Demise during his attack on the Surface World.Template:Fact Their appearance resembles that of a Japanese Oni moreso than their previous incarnations. They are bigger than their previous incarnations (slightly larger than Link himself), and have been given an extra edge of difficulty. They can block attacks with their weapons, and in order to defeat them, Link must slash around the weapon. Some are also able to wield bows and bombs, while others may wield a Monster Horn, which can summon more Bokoblins. This Monster Horn can be retrieved using the Whip. Bokoblins also have the ability to balance on tightropes, but will fall of if Link shakes the rope they are on or if they're hit with a projectile or the Beetle. Most Bokoblins are afraid of the Beetle and will run away; Bokoblins with bows will shoot it at first sight. Some Bokoblins also have the ability to climb ropes, as shown in Ancient Cistern. The Bokoblins seem to be much more intelligent than their past appearances, having even establishing small Bokoblin Outposts while conflicting with the native Mogma throughout Eldin Volcano.[1][2] They defend these villages with the aid of lookout towers, and large boulders, which they can roll downhill to damage Link.

Multiple new variations of Bokoblin make an appearance in Skyward Sword, such as Cursed Bokoblins and Technoblins. The Cursed Bokoblins are zombies similar to Gibdos from past games in the series. They can be stunned by the Sacred Shield or any of it's upgrades, and can only be found in the depths of the Ancient Cistern and in the Sky Keep room that represents the Ancient Cistern. Technoblins can be found in Lanayru Desert, and like many enemies in the area use electricity as a weapon. When Link hits their weapons with his sword, he will be temporarily paralyzed and open for attack. Later in the game, Blue Bokoblins replace ordinary Bokoblins as a more durable enemy, taking more hits to defeat. The Blue Bokoblin also has a new tactic of attack, similar to Link's Jump Attack. Green Bokoblins are the dungeon/cave varient of Bokoblins, wielding a skull helmet and a stone club. Their skin slowly began to turn into a shade of green, due to its sun-deficient lifestyle.

After the "Song of the Hero" quest is completed, most of the various types of Bokoblins and Moblins disappear from the overworld completely, leaving Eldin Volcano and Faron Woods devoid of their presence, most likely leaving the Faron Woods due to the massive flooding caused by Faron, the Water Dragon. During the Horde Battle near the end of the game, all varities of Bokoblins either have significantly increased skills or numbers. Unfortunately, an Ornamental Skull or a Golden Skull will not appear after Link defeats a Bokoblin during the Horde Battle.

According to Fi, they are obsessed with fashion, particularly their unusual leopard-print underwear, which can be seen best if Link performs a Fatal Blow on one of them.[3] This is likely a reference to an Oni's tendancy to wear tiger-print lioncloths in Japanese folklore.


Trivia Edit

  • The bodies, ears, and others of the Bokoblin resembles the Demons from the Scooby Doo movie.
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