Body burner
The Body Burner is an undead human from the first God of War game. He was the first man to enter the Temple of Pandora and, at least in his own words, the first to die there. For his failure, he was punished by the gods of Olympus, becoming the immortal guardian of the Temple, burning the corpses of all who die inside. The Body Burner is immortal in sprit only, hence his rotting visage. Only the Body Burner can unlock the Gates of Pandora. It is unknown what happened to him in the later games, although it can be assumed that after Pandora's Box was recovered by Kratos, he was finally allowed to rest.


The Body Burner wears the armour he wore at death. His right arm has been cut off at the elbow, revealing the bone. In many places, his body appears to have decayed badly, revealing flesh and bone. His skull shows clearly, with very little to no skin remaining on his head. Like his arm, his right eye is also missing.