The three Bloodsucker species (Clockwise from bottom-left) - Marsh Bloodsucker, Forest Bloodsucker, Underground Bloodsucker

Bloodsuckers are a rare type of mutant found in the Zone of Alienation throughout the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Bloodsuckers often make lairs in which they will dwell while resting or storing their kill for later consumption. Despite this, they can also be found in forests and marshlands around the Zone.


Bloodsuckers still appear humanoid, with a hunched stance and height similar to that of an average person. Their eyes are lambent, allowing stalkers to easily detect the creatures whilst their camoflage is active, and their face has mutated to incorporate a set of tentacles. These tentacles are used to hold prey steady whilst they drain the victim of blood, hence the mutant's name. The mutant's hands end in claws, each sharp enough to tear through armour.


  • Superhuman strength - The strength of a bloodsucker is great enough that, combined with their razor-sharp claws, they can easily kill a fully-armoured human and most other mutants. Only Pseudogiants and Chimeras stand a fair chance of surviving an encounter with these creatures.
  • Optical camoflage - Bloodsuckers have the ability to turn almost completely invisible to the naked eye. However, at close range, the creatures can be detected by their glowing eyes and the "shimmer-effect" on whatever stands behind them.
  • Blood Drain - Bloodsuckers will attempt to feed on unwary victims. This not only weakens, if not kills, the victim, but also heals the Bloodsucker in question.

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