Bloodletters are the daemonic foot soldiers of Khorne. As a host, they march as one, but in battle, they try to outdo each other in acts of cruelty. These Lesser Daemons are deadly warriors believed to have been foremost amongst the Blood God's followers in mortal life and whose will is as implacable and blood-hungry as that of Khorne himself.


Bloodlettlers are horned daemons with a red scaly hide, which barely conceals a mass of muscle. It's claws are jet-black, it teeth are sharp and needle-like, and it's serpentine tongue constantly flickers out to taste the blood of those it's slain. Knotted sinews give it the strength needed for its jet-black claws to pierce the most unyielding armour. They carry massive two-handed Hellblades into battle.


  • Teleportation - Bloodletters have the ability to teleport short distances, usually to evade arrows or bullets or to dash closer to their victim.
  • Magic-Immune - Bloodletters wear the Collar of Khorne, a metal collar that grants those who wear it immunity to all magic targetted at the wearer. The Collar cannot be removed until the Bloodletter is dead.
  • Inhuman Strength - Bloodletters are said to be strong enough to "rip a mortal apart with cold-blooded ease."



Bloodreapers are the most powerful, and as such, commander of a unit of Bloodletters. The more powerful of them are elevated to the rank of Bloodhunter, leading a deadly cavalry charge of Bloodcrushers.

Herald of Khorne

Heralds of Khorne are Bloodletters who have pleased the Blood God with their acts of cruelty. They are elevated to a position of command and are much more powerful than normal Bloodletters, though weaker than Bloodthirsters. Some more powerful Heralds gain the right to ride on a Blood Throne, a machine made to resemble Khorne's Skull Throne. These warriors collect skulls in Khorne's name: those of cowards are used to spur the Throne on in it's advance, while those of honoured heroes and powerful warriors are added to the throne itself as an offering to the Blood God.


Bloodcrushers are powerful Bloodletters who have gained the right to ride a Juggernaut of Khorne, and survived the ordeal of breaking the beast. They are the cavalry of Khorne, riding into where the fighting is thickest, cutting their enemies open with their Hellswords while their mount crushes those unlucky enough to stand in front of it.

Infamous Bloodletters