Blood fiend

Blood fiends are ferocious abominations from Dungeons & Dragons. These fiends are born from the fundamental plane of Elemental Chaos where the primordials reside.

Appearance Edit

The blood fiend is a humanoid creature with hairless, reddish-purple hide, blood-red eyes and four arms. Each hand and foot sports five digits which end in wickedly sharp claws for tearing prey to shreds.

Behaviour Edit

Blood fiends are chaotic evil by nature; savage, brutish and completely murderous. True to their name, they hunt living creatures on the material and elemental planes and feast on the blood of their victims. They will gladly prey on other fiends as easily as they would any mortal creature.

Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision - Blood fiends can see in complete darkness.
  • Terror Gaze - A sinister glare that leaves victims paralysed.
  • Transformation - Like how vampires can turn humans into their kind, blood fiends can also corrupt other creatures and transform them into blood fiends as well.
  • Healing - Blood fiends can heal themselves very quickly, making them extremely difficult to kill.

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