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The Blob

Cover for the film called "The Blob"

The blob is a red monster that seemed to come from outer space, and it crashed to Earth inside a meteor and an old man found it. It was actually a military bio weapon experiment (in the 1988 remake). He poked it with a stick, and the blob then climbed up the stick and started to eat him. After that, it started eating more people. As the blob continued to eat more people the bigger it would get. It was eventually defeated by being sprayed with fire extinguishers and being dropped into the Arctic. A sequel was made in 1972 called, "Beware! The Blob" which was directed by Larry Hagman. In the sequel, a man returns home from an excavation site in the Artic with a small container that he leaves on the counter and allows it to thaw. This releases the blob which starts out by eating a fly, a cat, the man's wife and then the man himself. Eventually it gets lored onto an ice hockey rink and is frozen. However, while giving an interview, a camera light thaws out a small part of the blob which attaches itself to the sheriffs foot.

It's only known, apparent weakness is the freezing temperature, which will disable it, but won't actually kill it.


The Blob's powers and abilities include the ability to stretch itself. It's body is able to dissolve any form of organic matter. Being made of a gel like substance and lack of organs,it is virtually indestructible.

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